Huixian Zhang from Guangdong China: Studying English in the Intensive English Language Program at Cleveland State University

Why did you decide to study in the USA?

More and more Chinese people want to go to USA and I just followed this trend.

And maybe it can improve me.

Why did you choose Intensive English Language Program at Cleveland State University?

My uncle's family is in Cleveland. Sometime they can take care of me which helps my parents not worry too much.

What do you like best?

The teachers are very kind. They like to help students from many aspects. I can feel that we are equal.

What do you miss most?

Chinese food and my parents.

What was your biggest surprise?

Courses are very flexible. It’s very free. What you want to do depends on your own mind. Nobody wants to force you. And you can be very independent.

... your biggest disappointment?

The cold weather. It snows for months.

How have you handled:

... language differences?

Learn more and more vocabulary and communicate with people often.

... finances?

My parents support me.

... adjusting to a different educational system?

Not yet. In China, learning seems like feeding a baby to me. I seldom learn by myself. But in America, what you want to study is just your own business. So, we can make study plans for ourselves.

What are your activities?

Go to Amish country, pick apples, go to the amusement park, play bowling and so on.

How easy or difficult was making friends?

It depends on what kind of person you are and whether you want to make friends. Most of people in U.S. are very friendly and polite.

How relevant is your U.S. education to your personal goals and to the needs of your country? 

Working in bank.

What is your advice to other students who are considering a U.S. education?

Go forward. Don't hesitate.

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