Admissions and Placement Testing

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  • Article Image Online Test Preparation

    Online Test Preparation

    International students can prepare for the Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT) in the comfort of their homes as TOEFL iBT Techniques courses are offered online through U.S. colleges and universities. Studying online has become a reality as more and more students choose the freedom of taking courses online and completing degrees in their own time and pace.

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  • Article Image ACT Test

    ACT Test

    Who should take the ACT® Test?

    Students applying to an undergraduate program at a university in the United States should take the ACT. Virtually every four-year college or university in the United States requires a standardized entrance exam as part of the admission process, and the ACT Test is accepted by all of them.

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  • Article Image Taking a Computerized Test

    Taking a Computerized Test

    US educators, whose discoveries and inventions have helped drive the high-tech boom, are also some of the most eager adopters of new technology. Teachers post homework assignments on their own web sites, students do research for term papers from their laptops, and universities award degrees to "distance education" students who have never set foot on campus.

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  • Article Image Make University Credit Count with OpenCourseWare and Credit-by-Examination

    Make University Credit Count with OpenCourseWare and Credit-by-Examination

    OpenCourseWare and Credit-by-Examination: Earning University Credit

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