University of Delaware (ELI)
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Fast Facts

  • School Size


  • Cost of Attendance

    $1,000—$5,000 Session

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  • Type of School

    Intensive English Program

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  • Religious Affiliation

    No Affiliation

  • Scholarships for International Students


  • Conditional Admission Available


  • Setting

    Small/College town, Suburban

  • Accreditation and Certification

    CEA, EnglishUSA Member, UCIEP Member

  • Type of Housing

    Homestay, Apartment, Dormitory

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Why do you want to Study English?

Are you searching for a school where you can:

  • Take university courses for credit while studying English?
  • Develop your Academic English skills before you begin a university program?
  • Improve your Business English skills so you can advance your career?
  • Learn about American culture, history, literature, and more?

If any of the above statements describe you, then the University of Delaware English Language Institute (ELI) is the place for you!


The University of Delaware is located in Newark, Delaware, a quiet, safe, and friendly college town of 30,000 people. Newark is located:

  • 2 hours from Washington, D.C. (160 km)
  • 2 hours from New York City (210 km)
  • 45 minutes from Philadelphia (66 km

About the University of Delaware

Ranking and reputation. The University of Delaware has been ranked in the top 100 universities on the US News and World Reports university and college rankings. Some of our current rankings (2017) are:

  • #79 National Universities (public and private)
  • #30 Top Public Schools
  • #1 Physical Therapy (Graduate Program)
  • #10 Chemical Engineering

A tradition of excellence. Tracing its history back to 1743, the University of Delaware is a nationally and internationally recognized institution of higher learning. Prestigious graduates of the University include Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden, as well as a former Secretary of State, a state governor, Nobel Prize winners, and signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Areas of study. The University of Delaware offers more than 140 Bachelor’s degree programs and more than 150 graduate degree programs (Master’s, Doctorate, and Graduate Certificates).

  • Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Ocean, and more)
  • Biological Sciences, Marine Studies, Earth Sciences, and Agriculture
  • Business and Economics (including MBA), and Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Art Conservation

Student population. Approximately 22,850 students pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Delaware, including over 1,000 international students from 100 different countries. 

University of Delaware English Language Institute

About the English Language Institute (ELI)

Founded in 1979, the University of Delaware ELI has a long history of helping language learners to achieve their professional and academic goals. The University of Delaware ELI is an academic unit of the University of Delaware's College of Arts and Sciences and plays an important role in the University’s global reputation for academic excellence.

Faculty and Quality

At the University of Delaware ELI, our focus is to provide a high level of quality in all areas of our programs.

Our teachers:

  • Hold Master's degrees in English as a Second Language (TESOL) or Applied Linguistics
  • Have extensive training and experience in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Are native English speakers or have native-like proficiency

In addition, the ELI is:

  • Fully accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA)
  • A member of the Consortium of University and College Intensive English Programs (UCIEP)
  • A member of English USA/American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP)

7 Levels of Instruction

The University of Delaware ELI offers 7 levels of instruction:

  • Basic (Pre-Level I)
  • Beginner (Level I)
  • High Beginner (Level II)
  • Intermediate (Level III)
  • High Intermediate (Level IV)
  • Advanced (Level V)
  • High Advanced (Level VI)

All students take a placement test when they arrive at the University of Delaware ELI in order to determine their level.

Session Duration

Each session of our core programs lasts approximately 2 months (7-8 weeks). Some special programs last only 4 weeks. 
The Academic Transitions pathway program for undergraduate students functions on a semester schedule and lasts 8-12 months. Please see below for more details. 

Cultural Program

All University of Delaware ELI programs include an extensive cultural program. This includes trips to places like:

  • Washington, DC
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia
  • Delaware Beaches

We also offer many local activities, such as picnics, parties, sports days, game nights, movie nights, etc. We enjoy giving our students many opportunities to practice their English skills—and to have fun!

Intensive English Program (IEP)

This is the University of Delaware ELI’s core program. The majority of our students enroll in this program in order to 

  • Develop their general English skills
  • Improve their English for professional purposes
  • Learn about American culture

Instructional Components and Format

In the IEP, students participate in a minimum of 28 hours of instruction and practice each week. This includes:

  • Listening/Speaking course (10 hours per week)
  • Reading/Writing course (10 hours per week)
  • Private or cluster tutoring (2-3 hours per week)
  • Language laboratories (5-6 hours per week)

Areas of Study

Students in the Intensive English Program are able to participate in 4 areas of study (depending on their level):

  • General English
  • Business English
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • English through American Culture


In the IEP, students have several housing options, including:

  • Apartments (off-campus)
  • Homestay (living with an American family)
  • “Inn-style” living (on campus)

Conditional Admissions

Academic Transitions (A.T.)
Pathway program for conditionally-admitted undergraduate students 

Through Academic Transitions (A.T.), students with excellent academic backgrounds can be conditionally accepted to an undergraduate program at the University of Delaware. In this exciting program, international students improve their Academic English skills at the ELI while also earning valuable university credits!

No TOEFL or IELTS score is required for conditional admission; however, one of these scores is necessary if students wish to know in advance whether they can be placed directly into A.T. 

After students meet the conditions of their admission via A.T., they will take full-time university coursework and keep the credit they earned (in which their grades are C+ or higher) while studying at the ELI.

The tuition price for Academic Transitions is based on four-month semesters. For more information, visit

Conditional Admissions Program (CAP)
No TOEFL? No problem!

Don’t let your low TOEFL score stop you from being accepted to a master's or doctoral program at an American university!

Through the Conditional Admissions Program (CAP), excellent students can be accepted to many University of Delaware graduate programs (and its partner colleges and universities)—and no TOEFL score is required. In CAP, graduate students enroll full-time in Academic English courses at the English Language Institute (ELI). Once the students complete the objectives required in CAP, they begin their regular masters or PhD university coursework—without ever taking a TOEFL exam. 

Special Programs

Additional special programs include:

  • Pre-MBA
  • EFL Teacher Training (DEFT)
  • American Law and Legal English Institute (ALLEI): for lawyers, judges, law students, and legal professionals.
  • Language Adventure USA: one-month summer English program for teenagers ages 15-18.
  • Summer Language & Leadership Academy (SLLA): for teenagers preparing for U.S. private high school studies.
  • Specialized Small Group Programs

University of Delaware (ELI)
English Language Institute

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P: 302.831.2674
CEA EnglishUSA Member UCIEP Member
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