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Bellevue College
Office of International Education

Academic & English Language Programs
3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, Washington 98007-6484
Phone: 425.564.3185
Fax: 425.641.0246

picture of Bellevue College
  • Setting: Suburban
  • Type: Public
  • Total Students: 38000
  • School Size: Medium
  • Type of School: College
  • Type of Housing: Homestay, Apartment
  • Cost of Attendance: $3,115 per three month quarter

Top Programs:

  1. Business
  2. Computer Science
  3. Engineering

The Bellevue College Advantage

Established in 1966, Bellevue College is a top ranking, fully accredited college offering two year associate and four year bachelor’s degrees. Bellevue College is the largest community college in Washington state enrolling approximately 38,000 students with more than 1,000 international students from over 70 countries each year. Students choose Bellevue College for its desirable location, high quality education, small classes, dedicated faculty and rich student resources and services.

Academic Excellence

Bellevue College is recognized nationally and internationally for its academic excellence. Each year, Bellevue College is proud to transfer more students to the University of Washington and Washington State University than any other school in the state of Washington. In addition, Bellevue College has a high transfer rate to top universities throughout the U.S. including Columbia, Cornell, Purdue, Berkeley, UCLA and many others.

The Bellevue Location

Located in the highly desirable Greater Seattle area, Bellevue College is in the heart of the technology corridor, which is home to iconic corporations such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Amazon and T-Mobile. The city of Bellevue is well-known for its breath-taking beauty, great employment opportunities and safe streets. Surrounded by 96-acres of evergreen trees, Bellevue College campus is a beautiful, safe and modern place to study.

Bellevue College

Programs of Study

Bellevue College has a full-range of options to help meet your education and personal goals:

  • University Transfer
  • Intensive English for University Preparation/College Bridge
  • Bachelor’s Program
  • Professional & Technical Degrees & Certificates
  • International Business Programs

Office of International Education

The Office of International Education provides full service support to assist international students in their experience at Bellevue College, from admission to extracurricular activities and cultural adjustment. Our staff includes experienced academic advisors, who help students develop a personalized transfer plan that includes general education classes and introductory classes for their major.

Bellevue College

Services and Resources

  • Scholarships: The Office of International Education offer quarterly scholarships to international students for academic achievements (up to $100, 000 each year)
  • Tutoring Labs: Free tutoring for English, Math and other academic subjects on a need basis is provided at the Academic Success Center
  • Leadership and work opportunities are available on campus
  • Academic Advising Center & Counseling Center
  • Over 30 computer labs across multiple campuses
  • 24x7 on campus Public Safety
  • Media Library, Bookstore, and much more

Rich College Life Outside The Classroom

Bellevue College has up to 90 student clubs, including the popular International Student Association that is dedicated to helping international students become integrated to campus life. Sports opportunities are available at Bellevue College through recreational activities, open gym and 10 varsity teams. Bellevue College also offers several music, dance and theatrical productions for students to enjoy.

International Students can also participate in many varied quarterly cultural activities organized by the Office of International Education, which include snow tubing, hiking, Mariner baseball and Thunderbird hockey games and chocolate making classes.

When to Apply

International students can enter our programs four times each year: in fall, winter, spring or summer. To apply and to learn about specific requirement for your selected program, visit our website.


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Cooperative Education
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Beyond the Books


Kristianto from Indonesia: Studies Business Administration at Bellevue College
An Nguyen, from Vietnam, is a freshman majoring in Biochemistry at Bellevue College in Washington State

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