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US launches initiative to boost number of American students in China

The US government has recently launched an initiative to boost the number of American students in China.

The 100,000-strong initiative hopes to better prepare the next generation of Americans to deal with an increasingly complex US-China relationship.

However, some practical constraints stand in the way.

The initiative was announced by US President Barack Obama in 2009, and launched by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the following year.

Given the strategic importance of US-China relations, the plan is to dramatically increase the number of American students studying in China.

Thomas Skipper, Minister Counselor for Public Affairs, US Embassy in Beijing, said: "We need a new generation of young people in the United States and in China who understand each other's countries, each other's languages, cultures and values, because there are so many things that the United States and China have to work on together... In the political realm, in the economic realm, regional security issues, climate change... the United States and China have got to be the key players for the foreseeable future."

Donations come from the private sector, which are matched with American universities that have existing or plans to start study abroad programmes with China....