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Cooking During the Pandemic

Apple Wong is currently an English-language student at Seminole State College in Sanford, Florida. She writes about cooking for her children during the pandemic, baking a cake for a friend, and the lessons she learned. Apple says, “I cook for my family and friends because I love them.” Read more

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Friendship in Pandemic Times

Eye contact, a sincere smile, and a warm hug were the three ingredients I needed to start a friendship when I was a child. Over time, that list of elements began to grow, but I never thought I would add 6-ft-distance, a mask, and a video call. Read more

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A New Journey Is About to Begin

I am excited to be in this new reality and enjoy as much as I can at this stage of my life. It will definitely require more focus, work, determination and study, but I am hoping to absorb as much information as possible so I can be prepared to be the best professional I can to help people through my future career. Read more